Look at me! Look at meeeeee!

I have one thing to say about this.

With three months until election day, attorney Benjamin Hall still hasn’t declared whether he’s running against Mayor Annise Parker.

“I have not taken myself out of the contest,” Hall told me late last week. He also told me, “I’ve decided, but I’ve just not announced.”

Hall is the attorney for Chad Holley, the teenager who appears on a surveillance video being beaten by Houston police while he was handcuffed and lying on the ground.

When I asked Hall why he had still not declared, he said with a laugh, “Looks like she’s defeating herself. She doesn’t need an opponent.”

Those are almost the exact words former tax assessor-collector Paul Bettencourt used in March when I asked him if he would run against Parker.  He told me last month, “I’m watching it very carefully at this point, waiting to see if Mr. Hall makes a decision.”

Dude. Put up or shut up already. That goes for Bettencourt, too. All this begging for attention is just pathetic. If you think you can win – and remember, Hall was thinking about running in 2009 but got stared down by Gene Locke – then run. If you think you can do a better job – and remember, Bettencourt is the guy that walked away from the Tax Assessor job he’d been re-elected to less than a month after being re-elected because he had other things to do – then run. Until then, who really cares?

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6 Responses to Look at me! Look at meeeeee!

  1. Katydid Knot says:

    In a city that hasn’t booted a sitting mayor in… generations(?) … there’s probably a lot more political mileage to be gained from TALKING about running than in actually running.

  2. Ben derr says:

    Why would you pick on ben hall? What could you possibly gain? I hope he retaliates

  3. “Retaliate”? Seriously? What exactly do you want him to do to me?

    If Ben Hall really cares what some yahoo on the Internet thinks of him, he truly isn’t cut out to be Mayor.

  4. paul kubosh says:

    Yahoo….I can’t stop laughing. Retaliation…..maybe he will take your lunch money. Seriously….I think Ben hall could win if he announced….all it would take is one serious opponent in my opinion. Bradford would win if he just put his name up. Again just my opinion. Bettencourt being a republican would be interesting. Could parker mis-steps…might lead us to a republican mayor for the first time in my memory. Who was the last republican mayor? Just so long as Andy Taylor doesn’t become city attorney. What do I know? I am just a traffic attorney who reads the opinion of a yahoo on the internet.

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