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Olson gets his vote around

The Lone Star Projectdocuments some interesting voting behavior by CD22 candidate Pete Olson.

Documents obtained by the Lone Star Project show that Republican congressional challenger Pete Olson (Texas CD22 – Houston) voted in both the State of Virginia and the State of Connecticut during a five month period in 2003. By remaining on the voter rolls and casting ballots in both states, Olson may have committed voter fraud. Under Virginia law, a person who intentionally registers to vote in Virginia and any other state or territory is guilty of a felony violation.

Olson Voting Records
Pete Olson lived in Virginia until late 2007, when he moved to Texas to run for Congress. While in Virginia, he voted regularly in State and local elections. (Voter File, Virginia Democratic Party; See the Documents) During much of this same period, Olson also maintained his voter registration in Connecticut. (Newtown, Connecticut, Town Clerk; See the Documents) Election documents show that between June and November of 2003, Olson voted in the Virginia Republican Primary, a special election in Newtown, Connecticut and then again in the Virginia General Elections. (Voter File, Virginia Democratic Party; Newtown, Connecticut, Town Clerk)

The Law
Virginia does not allow individuals to register in multiple states. The Virginia election code states clearly that any person who “registers to vote at more than one residence address at the same time, whether such registrations are in Virginia or in Virginia and any other state or territory of the United States … is guilty of a Class 6 felony.” (Va. Code. Ann. Section 24.2-1004 (C)).

While Pete Olson resided in Virginia and participated in Virginia elections, he owned property in Connecticut and remained active on the Connecticut voter rolls through at least March 2005. Pete Olson’s presence on the 2003 Connecticut voter rolls and his vote in Newtown, Connecticut, which was followed by his vote in the 2003 Virginia General Election, appears to violate Virginia election law.

BOR lays out the timeline. I don’t know if someone is planning to file a formal complaint about this, but I look forward to hearing Olson’s explanation. I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

Speaking of complaints, the LSP has kept up its usual busy pace this season by filing an FEC complaint against State Rep. Bill Zedler, US Rep. Joe Barton, and US Rep. Kay Granger.

The violations result from an illegal fundraiser organized and authorized by the Bill Zedler Campaign. Republican Members of Congress, Joe Barton and Kay Granger, allowed Zedler to include them as honorary hosts of the event and to solicit contributions up to $5,000. Federal law specifically prohibits Members of Congress from raising more than $2,300 from any individual.

Oops. The problematic invitation can be seen here. Zedler is of course opposed by TexBlog PAC-endorsed candidate Chris Turner, who was just endorsed by the Star-Telegram, who said he is “smart and driven by a desire to improve the lives of the residents of District 96 and the rest of the state.” I like the sound of that.

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