Trautman running for HCDE

And we have our first contested Democratic primary in Harris County for 2012 as Diane Trautman has announced her intent to run for Harris County Department of Education Trustee in At Large #3. Here’s her Facebook page for that. She joins David Rosen, who made his announcement last month. The At Large #3 seat is the one held by the notorious Michael Wolfe; also on the ballot will be the Precinct 1 seat now held by Roy Morales, which as we know will be the single easiest pickup opportunity for Dems next year, or at least it will be once there’s a candidate. If someone wins the At Large #3 race as well, Democrats will hold a majority on the HCDE Board of Trustees. Remember this race when you go to the polls next March, because it will matter.

In news related to this fall’s election, we have another challenger to an HISD trustee, as Ramiro Fonseca has announced his candidacy in District III, currently held by trustee Manuel Rodriguez. You can see his press release here.Fonseca is the president of the non-profit Houston Hispanic Forum; you can read a news story about it here. He has a personal Facebook page but does not as yet have either a campaign website or Facebook group that I have found.

Finally, there was another update from Educators For A Better District IV last night, including a link to a webpage for Arturo Huerta, so now I can say I know something about him. The full email is beneath the fold.

Meet Art Huerta for HISD District IV
The Race for HISD Trustee is On!
Art Huerta Announces his Candidacy for HISD Trustee District IV

The race for HISD Trustee has finally become newsworthy as Art Huerta, former Gifted Youth Program Coordinator & President of Gulf Coast Mensa (the High IQ Society), officially announces his candidacy for HISD Trustee District IV.

Huerta is simply unwilling to accept the status quo of our education system. In running for the trustee position, he is effectively committing his personal time and energy to bring about much needed change. With a child currently attending an HISD school, he can empathize with frustrated parents dealing with the shortfalls and misallocations that plague our current administration.

“It is time to Take Action,” says Huerta. Although HISD is facing a number of challenges, he believes we must regain our focus on the purpose of this organization, “… to promote a positive learning environment that enables our children to reach their full potential.”

This is not the first time Huerta has advocated for change as he has successfully enabled business transformation efforts for a number of global Fortune 500 companies. His most recent philanthropic role as President of Gulf Coast Mensa resulted in the organization becoming cash flow positive and rising in the ranks from 11th to 6th place in the nation … all within the span of a single year!

“There is no financial motive in my decision to run for office. This is simply a volunteer opportunity to advocate for our children” says Huerta.

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