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Weekend link dump for October 2

Am I the only one thinking “There’s more than a year to go and I’m already sick of the Presidential race”?

Zombies are like a metaphor, with more brain-eating.

Why do Americans like ice cubes so much?

Fast food workers, unite! Because stuff like this is the alternative.

How bad is the bedbug epidemic?

How to get rich enough to take over the world in only a thousand years.

Three words: Extreme musical chairs. I got nothing.

We shouldn’t be using passenger miles as a metric for determining how we spend transportation dollars.

With all due respect to the family of Roger Maris, he doesn’t need an asterisk any more than Babe Ruth did.

RIP, Arch West, without whom we might not have Doritos.

These guys were Tea Party before “tea party” was full of tricornered douchebaggery.

Third party fantasies will always be with us, and always grounded in some form of denial.

Louie Gohmert is still an idiot, in case you were wondering.

The problem with “money in politics” is a lot more complicated than just saying there’s too much of it.

If your hoary old cliche of a “protest” action keeps getting treated as something new and clever, why not keep doing it?

Can stem cells save the white rhino from extinction?

Good on the NFLPA.

Don’t trust anything you read in the Daily Caller.

I didn’t know video games were dead.

Yeah, why won’t the Koch brothers release their tax returns for us all to scrutinize?

How to care for your giant Rick Perry Chia head. Because of course you have one.

“We wonder if Mitt Romney might finally raise some objections to sharing the stage with someone who openly declared just earlier this week that the First Amendment does not apply to Mormons”.

The media really does suck sometimes.

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