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Round Rock to get red light cameras

I’m actually a little surprised that some places are still going forward with these things.

Round Rock city officials presented for the final time [Wednesday] the locations of soon-to-be-installed red light cameras throughout the city to a city council-selected committee of Round Rock residents.

Round Rock is preparing to install cameras at six intersections across the city, with some intersections getting multiple cameras.

The red light camera program was originally passed by the City Council in 2007, but changes to state law delayed the installation of the cameras.


City spokesman Will Hampton said citations for violations caught on camera will not go out until November or December.

In case you’re wondering, the vendor the city has chosen is not ATS. My advice is for Round Rock to check and doublecheck the language in the contract regarding early termination. You never know when you might need to use it.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me, there are budget shortfalls all over Texas. The other vendor, Redflex, isn’t much better than ATS. The did the same tacticts of blocking petitions in Port Lavaca. They also started ticketing drivers for going through green lights. Yea, that’s right, I said GREEN lights.

  2. Mark Palmer says:

    Dang it! I just saw one of these being installed at the intersection of Red Bud. What the heck!!! With budget short falls, we’re installing “nanny-state” controls for things that already have an enforcement mechanism!?!?! I thought Round Rock would be above such pandering to the sentiment that, “well red light cameras *seem* like a good idea.” I hope that this is not permanent, not because I like to run red lights, but because some bureaucrat thought this would be a good idea and got “sold” that this will reduce and prevent accidents. The data shows that its 50/50. As there is no significant benefit for RLCs, I would much rather see taxes going toward other things like education.