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Interview with Paula Harris

Paula Harris

We close the week with HISD Board President and District IV Trustee Paula Harris, who is service her first term on the Board. Harris has a degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M and has worked as an engineer and project manager for over 20 year. She is on the Board of Directors for Space Center Houston and has served on other boards such as the Buffalo Bayou Partnership and The Ensemble Theater. She was elected HISD Board President this year. She has been at the center of some controversy concerning HISD’s procurement policies and ethics rules; at the time I did this interview, the Board was scheduled to vote on changes to its ethics rules but had not yet taken that vote. (See also School Zone‘s Q&A with Harris and her opponent, Davetta Daniels.) Here’s what we discussed:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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One Comment

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    This lady is my hisd board member and i am resident of this district 4,where to begin with paula harris??????????lets start with the money-one would have to admire the fact that she wasnt afraid to get down to the money right from the start of her arrival at hisd-mysterously “her friend” began recieving million dollar contracts as soon as she showed up,but we are expected to accept this as bussiness as usual with paula harris.
    lets not forget about all the schools in her district she directed to have closed in sunnyside and third ward,wow, and to think this lady campaigned on the fact that she would not allow school closures in her district-she lied.
    lastly,my child recieved a pair of glasses threw hisd,after 9months she lost them,i went to her school asking the school nurse for a copy of the perscription-the school didnt keep copies on file-i went to hisd medical records dept-they said the perscription is kept with the contracted doctor not the medical records dept-i went to paula harris my hisd board member to complain-she refused to ever return my calls or return my emails-for 3 months- finally after all else failed i had to sign up to speak at an hisd board meeting-i waited 5 hours before i could speak-when it was my turn i had to voice my complaints allowed about paula harris and her avoiding me and keeping my child blinded for over three months-naturally two days latter i recieved a copy of my childs perscription-i shouldnt have to go threw all of that,paula harris wasnt originally voted in office to be doing “back office deals”that involve millions of dollars in profits with a friend that owns a company that paula harris used to be part owner of-its crazy that the feds havent already moved what to do with paula harris???????????vote her out of office thats what-i dont know if i have the entire district,but sunnyside is coming with me to the polls to vote for davetta danials,the logical choice.
    your seeing it,first hand,in real time
    joshua ben bullard