Another complaint filed against CM Jones

On and on it goes.

A former staffer of Councilwoman Jolanda Jones has filed a complaint with the city’s Office of Inspector General, accusing her of employee misconduct in cutting his salary by more than 18 percent after he cooperated with investigators looking into whether Jones used city resources to support her private law practice.

Jones cut the salary of Todd Curry, her public policy director, from $50,000 to $40,820 at the beginning of July, according to records the Chronicle obtained through the Texas Public Information Act.


[Spokeswoman Kelly] Cripe said salary reduction discussions began well before the release of the OIG report in June as council members prepared for cuts to their office budgets. That timing undermines any allegation that Curry’s salary cut was related to the investigation, she said.

Curry filed the complaint in August.

I don’t even know what to say. I’m just going to wait and see what the OIG says this time.

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11 Responses to Another complaint filed against CM Jones

  1. paul kubosh says:

    I want to file a complaint also. Council member Jones has a bad habit of speaking her mind. We can’t have that because it might upset the Apple cart. Just think how bad of a shape this city would be in if the money train was derailed because of Jones.

  2. robert kane says:

    I have said over and over again… I don’t agree sometimes with what she has to say but I respect that she speaks her mind and represents people that don’t have a voice in government…. she doesn’t just rubber stamp things for her own benefit, right?

  3. paul kubosh says:

    If she is doing anything for her on benefit then it can’t be financial. I am pretty sure she leads a very modest lifestyle, but I don’t have personal knowledge of that.

  4. Joshua bullard says:

    wait just a minute,personally i like jolanda jones,truth be told when i was a small time real esate perfomer in the early 2000’s,i probably had an opportunity there that i didnt capture,a missed opportunity on my part,but anyways,its not so much cm jolanda jones herself that i feel she will be unseated-its the fact that city council as a whole is shifting entirely,the foundation is in movement,the wind is blowing west not east as it used to in city harm no foul.

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  5. paul kubosh says:

    Ben, so its your position that Jones is gone?

  6. Joshua bullard says:

    This is fact-yes,no doubt in it.ben

  7. Jules says:

    I hope Jones isn’t gone. I think she really does stand for the people.

  8. paul kubosh says:

    Ben…who do you think wins? I believe my brother is about to cut radio ads for her. I hope it helps.

  9. Joshua bullard says:

    laurie robinson and jack christie in a run off-canidate jack christie wins.


  10. robert kane says:

    candidate…. I had to use spell check, I thought I was losing my mind….

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