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Endorsement watch: Three for Larry Joe

While we wait for the Chron to get back in the game, here’s three Austin endorsements for Larry Joe Doherty in CD10. First, the Statesman:

[Incumbent Rep. Mike] McCaul is an engaging, interesting former prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice. But his low profile and support for so much of the Bush administration program over his past two terms makes him an ill fit for Austin. That’s one of the reasons we are endorsing Larry Joe Doherty for this seat.

Doherty is a rather eccentric personality with an unusual way of speaking, but he’s smart and he’s firm on the issues. He wants us out of Iraq, he didn’t like parts of the Wall Street bailout but supports federal investment in struggling banks, and he’s for a single-payer health plan. His agenda would be good for Austin.

Doherty has the money and support to give McCaul a challenge in a district DeLay and the Legislature drew for a Republican. McCaul has refused to debate Doherty, which lends credence to those who believe the district is a toss-up this year. McCaul hasn’t given voters a reason to support him for another term and Doherty offers a viable alternative.

Next, the AusChron:

[McCaul is] little more than a rubber stamp for President Bush’s warmongering, pro-corporate policies. Attorney and former TV personality Doherty is chomping at the bit to return District 10 to the progressive, populist tradition it had under Lyndon Johnson, Homer Thornberry, Jake Pickle, and Lloyd Doggett. First and foremost, he’s sick of the Iraq war and recognizes its immorality. He also supports universal, single-payer health care and effective re-regulation of a freewheeling Wall Street that has spun out of control. Having lawyered in Houston, lived near Brenham, and now residing in Austin, he understands all aspects of this diverse district. It’s time to root out “CongressĀ­man Clear Channel” and let Doherty represent people, not money.

And finally, the Daily Texan:

Larry Joe is as down-home a Texan as we’ve ever seen (his name is Larry Joe, after all). But he has Texas’ future at the forefront of his mind, and wants to put his efforts and legal-know how (Doherty is an expert in legal malpractice) into bolstering a progressive agenda for our state. The first item on his impressive list is withdrawal from Iraq. But he’s also pledging to be a champion of lower-cost college educations, affordable health care and the environment, all pertinent domestic issues for which we see support for as inarguable. Thus, our vote for Doherty is one of great certainty and foresight.

Will the Chron make him four-for-four? My guess was no, but I’ll be happy to be wrong about that. Whenever they get around to it, of course.

How about an unendorsement as a change of pace? Awhile back, Sen. Kim Brimer was touting the endorsement of all the Mayors in his district. Turns out that’s not totally true. From the Wendy Davis campaign:

Kennedale Mayor Bryan Lankhorst said today that he never endorsed Kim Brimer for the District 10 State Senate seat.

Mayor Lankhorst said that he had never spoken to Brimer or any of his representatives about an endorsement. This revelation calls into question whether or not 15 other mayors actually ever agreed to endorse Brimer. The only mayors that have made any public statement about his endorsement are Fort Worth’s Mike Moncrief, Arlington’s Bob Cluck, and Euless’ Mary Lib Saleh.

Oops. Gotta hate it when that happens.

Somewhere in between is this, not an endorsement but not a non-endorsement.

Here’s a photo of a big yard sign for Democratic Texas House candidate Joe Moody. What’s the big deal about that?

Well, what caught my attention is the location of the sign. It’s at 7700 Alabama Avenue, the same address as the El Paso County GOP headquarters. What’s more is that property is owned by Republican County Commissioner Dan Haggerty, brother of GOP state Rep. Pat Haggerty who lost an ugly primary fight with Moody’s opponent, Dee Margo.


Dan Haggerty said Moody asked if he could put signs up on some of his commercial properties.

“So I gave him a list and I said, ‘Sure, put them up,'” he said.

But Dan Haggerty said the signs aren’t an endorsement of the Democratic candidate.
He said he’s still undecided about the race.

If Margo would have asked to put up signs on his properties, Dan Haggerty said he would have told him yes, too.

“I believe in the two-party system,” he said, adding that he has signs for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in front of his house.

That may be as much as Moody will get from the Haggerty clan. It’s not too shabby if it is. Click the link above to see the picture.

And finally, one of the more interesting campaign-related emails from the veritable gusher of such things I’ve been getting lately, from Sarah Weddington, the successful attorney in the Roe v. Wade case:

You know how politically active I am and how intensely involved I am regarding issues that impact woman’s health and reproductive rights. Typically I focus on federal or state races in this regard. However, there is a particular Harris County race that we need to pay very close attention to as well.

The Harris County Judge is the equivalent of the “Mayor of Harris County”. For example, the Harris County Judge oversees the Harris County Hospital District. The person is this position can have a tremendous impact upon woman’s health concerns locally.

David Mincberg is currently running for the position of Harris County Judge. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. He is a long-time friend of our issues and is a past board member of Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas.

His opponent Ed Emmett is the polar opposite. His record when he served in the Texas House of Representatives shows that he twice voted to eliminate family planning funding. Had either measure passed it would have cut funds to Planned Parenthood. He also failed to support an amendment providing that parental consent for abortion would not be necessary for a teenager who had been raped and voted to require parental consent in cases of incest.

Access to appropriate woman’s health care in Harris County should not be subject to someone with knee-jerk approval of the Texas Republican Party platform. Emmett hasn’t been publicly discussing his views on choice much; some even think choice is not a big issue for him. I am sending this email because in many ways Emmett is no different on our issues than the most vocal of opponents. And there is a great candidate also in that race.

I can’t say that I’ve ever considered reproductive freedom to be an issue at the county level, so as far as the actual governance of Harris County goes, this doesn’t really mean much. But as an admirer of Planned Parenthood and supporter of its goals, it gives me a little extra reason to feel good about Mincberg’s candidacy.

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  1. ears1foru says:

    The Kennedale Mayor says Brimer has done alot for District 10 and his city and is strongly supporting Brimers reelection. Oops bet Davis is the one wishing she had never said anything.