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Endorsement watch: For Prop 8

After two weeks of following a predictable path, the Chron veers off in an unclear direction.

Proposition 8, on this year’s ballot, is easy for everyone to love.

It’s supported by farmers and city dwellers. Republicans and Democrats (the supporting legislation passed unanimously in the Texas Legislature). Business interests (the Greater Houston Partnership, the Austin Chamber of Commerce) and nature lovers (The Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation).

I don’t have any quarrel with the endorsement, I’m just wondering what happened to the other races that haven’t been evaluated yet. In particular, I’m wondering when the Chron will get around to making a recommendation in At Large 5. And I’m wondering if they still plan on getting it all done before the start of early voting, which is Monday the 24th and which they appeared to have been in great shape to do before now. There are six contested races remaining – three in HISD, two in HCC, plus At Large 5 – as well as the remaining Constitutional amendments, if they care to comment on them. They can do them all by Monday if they want to. We’ll see if they do.

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  1. […] Texas, which recommended a Yes on all ten. The Chron has only offered endorsements on two of them, Prop 8 and Prop 2. I don’t expect any more at this point. Any propositions you care about one way or […]