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Harris County interim map is out

Apparently, judges do work on weekends, because federal Judge Vanessa Gilmore issued this order on Saturday creating an interim map for Harris County, to be used for the 2012 election while the Section 2 lawsuit is being litigated. Greg has a color view and the relevant electoral and demographic data. Basically, Precinct 2 shed some Anglo turf in northeast Harris County and regained a number of Latino precincts from Precinct 1. The resultant map is a relatively minimal change from the current map, with the needed population adjustments to even out the precincts’ sizes; you can compare it to the county’s proposal here. While Precinct 2 and Commissioner Jack Morman are not up till 2014 and the ongoing lawsuit could alter thing further, I’m sure Sylvia Garcia will be taking a long look at this map. As things stand, it’s pretty close to 50-50 and ought to produce a competitive election down the line, again assuming no further changes. 2014 could be a very interesting year around here.

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