Chron story on the interim Harris County map

Here’s the Chron story about the weekend order to implement an interim map for Harris County. As expected, the plaintiffs are happy about this. Of interest to me is the county’s response.

Gene Locke, an attorney representing the county, said he thinks the judge’s interim plan takes a “minimalist approach to changes,” allowing the precincts to keep their present configuration.

“The degree of changes were consistent with the need to balance population, but she respected the legislative considerations by the county in drawing the original lines,” he said.

Locke stressed that the new map is an interim map that allows for elections next year, but that the order does not end the county’s pursuit of its adopted map.

Assistant County Attorney Doug Ray said the interim plan doesn’t divide any existing voting precincts and is not significantly different from what the county was proposing at a hearing last week.

Attorneys plan to brief commissioners in executive session Tuesday, and Ray doesn’t anticipate any further action, such as an appeal, at this point, he said.

If these are such “minimalist” changes that will be accepted by the Court without appealing, then what the hell was all the bitching and moaning about? Oh, wait, I forgot: Bitching and moaning is what these guys do best. Stace has more.

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