Runoff overview: District B

Here’s the final runoff overview story, for the District B race.

The District B runoff election is a classic case of the candidate who touts his experience versus the newcomer who makes the case for a different approach.

A vote for Alvin Byrd is the closest thing a voter gets to re-electing incumbent Jarvis Johnson, who is termed-limited and endorses Byrd, one of his top aides for the past six years.

“We’ve never had continuity in District B,” Byrd said. “Every time we start over, we step back. We can’t afford that.”

District B historically has been neglected, Byrd said, and it needs the various projects in the pipeline to move and move fast. As the man who helped put District B projects on the city’s five-year building program, the aide who has existing relationships with other council members and department heads, Byrd said he is the best candidate to deliver the goods.

Jerry Davis said that in his block walking, people have told him they want a change, not a continuation of the way things are going.

“They don’t want, in their words, ‘a duplicate of the current administration.’ They want someone who has experience in the business community,” Davis said. He helps his brothers run the popular Midtown restaurant the Breakfast Klub.

I think that captures it pretty nicely. Normally, being a staff member for the outgoing Council member is an asset, but in this case that’s not necessarily the case. Be that as it may, I think both of these candidates would do a good job. I sure hope so, because the district will need them to.

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One Response to Runoff overview: District B

  1. joshua bullard says:

    I have always had reservations with jerry davis and his brother marcus when it came to politics-i never could figure out how breakfast relates to good goverment-just becasue you are good at pushing breakfast food- doesnt mean your ready for politics-as i have stated time and time again-jerry davis went out of his way to avoid supporting the community partnership events in district b-besides , everybody knows that former council woman ada edwards is behind the whole jerry davis camp-examining canidate alvin byrd leaves the voter to know-the out going council member was his boss-and alvin byrd did not want to be with out a job-this is something that the voters of district b can relate to.I step out and commend the houston on another endorsement that is right for the voters of district b-reconizing one mans life long struggle to do better-not only for himself but for his community of over 50 years,i also join the and endorse alvin byrd for city council member.

    respectfully submitted
    joshua ben bullard

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