Friday random however many: The airing of grievances

Last week was about all-purpose songs that we hate. This week, in the spirit of the season, let’s discuss Christmas songs that we can’t stand. Here’s a list from the Chron, some of which will be familiar to Mellowmas fans. Here’s a classic rant from Making Light, and here’s a post of my own from a few years back. I still hate “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”. I’ll leave the rest to you: What Christmas music makes you want to enlist for the opposition in the War On Christmas? Let it all out in the comments.

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2 Responses to Friday random however many: The airing of grievances

  1. Buhallin says:

    Honestly, I hate them all these days. A month of solid Christmas music everywhere I turn – radio, stores, commercials… And there are so few songs, my brain snapped a few years ago and I can’t stand it.

    xkcd has a nice coverage today of Christmas music, what it is, and what it means:

  2. I always hated Little Drummer boy until I heard Brave Combo do it. You can hear some here ( and see why.

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