2012 Democratic primary overview – Harris County

Harris County legislative districts under the court-drawn map

So with the start of the new year, we turn our attention to the primary elections, whenever they may turn out to be. I’ve added a new page to the site, for 2012 contested Democratic primaries in Harris County. It has the usual information about candidates that are in contested primaries – links to campaign websites and finance reports, with information about endorsements and interviews to follow. A few things to note:

– This page is for contested Democratic primaries in Harris County only. I will fill in the other races after the primaries. I will also have a separate page for other primaries of interest outside of Harris County.

– Needless to say, the races and candidates may be subject to change, depending on what SCOTUS says and what happens in the second filing period. I will make updates as needed later.

– I have included website information for candidates where I could find it. This early in the cycle, not everyone has websites up yet, and a couple of candidates, such as Wanda Adams and Jarvis Johnson, have sites that are still configured for their last election. If there’s anything I’ve missed, or if I’m not quick enough to notice a new website, please let me know.

– I’ve begun the process of scheduling interviews – yes, already – and will be running them through the election. Races that are not directly subject to the whims of the Supreme Court will be done first. In the interest of preserving my sanity, I do not plan to do interviews for all of the Constable races, though I do intend to do them for Precinct 1, as that’s where I live and vote. I will also do judicial Q&As for the three contested judicial primaries on the ballot.

– I will not be creating a similar page for the contested GOP primaries. Frankly, you can get most of the information you’d want for that here. As the rough count of interviews I plan to do on the Democratic side is 25 and may grow, I don’t intend to do any interviews with GOP contestants, at least not at this time.

– Candidates who are not in contested primaries will be interviewed for the general election. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a two or three month break between the primary and the start of general election interview season.

– If you are a candidate in a contested primary, or you represent such a candidate, and you are not certain that I have your contact information, please send it to me. You can email me at kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com, you can send me a message via Facebook, or you can leave a comment on this post.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the new page.

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13 Responses to 2012 Democratic primary overview – Harris County

  1. Can I suggest you make one exception to your Dem-only rule and consider interviews with the two GOP DA candidates? T’would be a great mitzvah, and probably fun, too.

  2. I thought about mentioning that race, because time permitting I would like to interview those candidates. I don’t want to make any promises I’m not certain I can keep, however. But it’s on my nice-to-have list.

  3. paul kubosh says:

    Charles…I think it would be a hoot if you interviewed the two rep. D.a candidates. I would probably pay to hear those interviews.

  4. joshua bullard says:

    i would like the record to reflect,that i have been advocating to charles kuffner for over a year to move beyond partison politics and begin covering both the republicans as well as the dems,specifically the- judicial- republican gop primary races,although i dont want to fail to mention that i to will joinder with gritsforbreakfast and paul kubosh and ask charles kuffner to begin to cover both parties

    rest assured,you are not “shouting into a void”

  5. Burt Levine says:

    I simply am gratified that someone with the name gritsforbreakfast is reminding us that what we do for the public good is a mitzvah of the caliber we should all work to achieve.

  6. You’re welcome, Burt! I may be a WASPy, East Texas redneck, but I’ve always thought that was a great word.

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