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Endorsement watch: The list so far

Late again

The Chron printed their list of primary endorsements so far yesterday. It’s more impressive for what they haven’t done yet as early voting starts. After a couple of years of getting most of their business done before actual voters started weighing in, this year was back to bad old habits of taking their sweet time. Here’s a list of races they haven’t gotten around to yet:

US Senate, either party

CDs 07, 10, and 22, either party; CD08, Republican

SBOE6, Democratic; SBOE8, Republican

SDs 04 and 11, Republican

All five contested Democratic primaries and all nine contested GOP primaries for State House

County Attorney, Republican

HCDE At Large 3, either party; HCDE At Large 4, Republican; HCDE Precinct 1 Position 6, Democratic

County Commissioner Precinct 4, either party; Precinct 3, Democratic

Constable Precinct 1, either party

They have done one Congressional primary, that being their three-way endorsement in the CD36 GOP race. Campos originally said that Constable, Justice of the Peace, and SBOE races will go un-endorsed, but was later informed that Constable Precinct 1 and SBOE races will be done “at a later date”. One hopes that means before May 29.

I’ve been checking the op-ed pages in the other major dailies to see who’s endorsing whom, and for the most part the other papers have done the job promptly. The Morning News, Star-Telegram, and El Paso Times are all basically done, though the EPT had not weighed in on the CD23 Democratic primary as of Sunday. They picked Beto O’Rourke in CD16 in an upset. The Express News is also mostly done, with the two big Democratic Congressional primaries in CD23 and CD35 still on their list. The Statesman is in even worse shape than the Chron. As far as I can tell, they haven’t made a single endorsement for any primary yet. In their defense, Austin city elections were held on Saturday, so I can understand them taking it one election at a time. They only have a handful of interesting races to call anyway – CD35, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Tax Assessor are the headline contests. They may be done before the Chron despite their late start.

I’ve been updating the 2012 Harris County and Texas primary pages with the endorsements that I have seen, including those from some of my fellow bloggers. If there are any other endorsements of interest you are aware of that I have missed, send me a link to it and I’ll include it. Thanks very much.

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