Recap of all my interviews so far this cycle

To say the least, there was a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of the year when I was planning out my interview schedule for the primary election. There were no maps for the State House, State Senate, and Congress. We didn’t know if the primary would take place in April, May, June, or later, and we didn’t know if some offices might have their primaries on a different date than some other offices. Even for the offices not affected by redistricting, we couldn’t say for certain what the lineups were going to be because of a secondary filing period yet to come. As you might imagine, this made planning a challenge.

But I couldn’t wait for the courts to settle things. There were already too many races and too many candidates to let the calendar start slipping away. So I started with races where there were no disputes about boundaries, and went from there. Along the way, I covered a lot of ground, and since some of these interviews were published more than three months ago, I thought I’d list them all here in a convenient form as a reminder. As I said yesterday, there will be more to come, some likely from the TDP convention and others later on as we gear up for November. In the meantime, here’s a list of all the interviews I’ve already done, organized by level of government:

Harris County races

Sheriff: Adrian GarciaInterview

District Attorney: Zack FertittaInterview
District Attorney: Pat LykosInterview
District Attorney: Mike AndersonInterview

HCDE Trustee, Position 3 At Large: Diane TrautmanInterview
HCDE Trustee, Position 3 At Large: David RosenInterview

HCDE Trustee, Precinct 1, Position 6: Erica LeeInterview
HCDE Trustee, Precinct 1, Position 6: Reagan FlowersInterview

County Commissioner, Precinct 4: Sean HammerleInterview

Constable, Precinct 1: Cindy Vara-LeijaInterview
Constable, Precinct 1: Quincy WhitakerInterview
Constable, Precinct 1: Alan RosenInterview
Constable, Precinct 1: Grady CastleberryInterview

State races

SBOE 6: Patty Quintana-NilssonInterview
SBOE 6: Traci JensenInterview
SBOE 6: David ScottInterview

HD131: Rep. Alma AllenInterview
HD131: Wanda AdamsInterview

HD137: Jamaal SmithInterview
HD137: Joe MaddenInterview
HD137: Gene WuInterview
HD137: Sarah WinklerInterview

HD144: Kevin RisnerInterview
HD144: Ornaldo YbarraInterview
HD144: Mary Ann PerezInterview

HD146: Rep. Borris MilesInterview

HD147: Rep. Garnet ColemanInterview

Federal offices

US Senate: Paul SadlerInterview
US Senate: Sean HubbardInterview

CD07: Phillip AndrewsInterview
CD07: James CargasInterview
CD07: Lissa SquiersInterview

CD14: Nick LampsonInterview

CD16: Rep. Silvestre ReyesInterview

CD20: Joaquin CastroInterview

CD22: KP GeorgeInterview

CD23: Pete GallegoInterview
CD23: Ciro RodriguezInterview

CD27: Ronnie McDonaldInterview

CD33: Marc VeaseyInterview
CD33: Domingo GarciaInterview

CD34: Ramiro GarzaInterview
CD34: Anthony TroianiInterview

CD35: Sylvia RomoInterview

Whew. It’s been a busy few months, and I don’t see a whole lot of letup between now and November. I’ll be back with more after a brief respite.

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