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Non-filers in Harris County races

As of today, the following candidates for county offices in Harris County have not filed campaign finance reports with the County Clerk:

Candidates for Sheriff

Charles Massey El (D)
Guy Clark (R, formerly D)
Daniel Lemkuil (R)

Candidates for HCDE

Jarvis Johnson (D)
Silvia Mintz (D)
Timothy Rose (R)
Tom Cruz (R)

Candidates for County Commissioner

Dave Wilson (“D”)
Chuck Maricle (R)

Candidates for Justice of the Peace

LaTonya Allen (D)
Tommy Ginn (R)

Candidates for Constable

Ruben Loreto (D)
Victor Archer (D)
Kenneth Perkins (D)
Rickey Spivey (D)
Edward Rios (R)

The last date that I saw a report filed was January 23. Obviously, some of these candidates are more serious than others. Massey El, Perkins, and Wilson are all perennials, with Wilson being a bad joke in addition. Clark is on at least his third run for Sheriff, this time as an R after running as a D in 2004 (he was the nominee) and 2008 (he, along with Charles Massey El, lost in the primary to Sheriff Adrian Garcia). Others should know better.

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  1. Yes, correct, there were no donations during the period and all expenses were out of pocket. April will have a correct filing.