Interview with DA Pat Lykos

DA Pat Lykos

For my interviews this week, I’m going to take a brief detour from the Democratic primaries to converse with the two candidates in the highest profile Republican primary in Harris County. That would be the District Attorney race, and we begin today with incumbent DA Pat Lykos, who bucked the Democratic tide in 2008 to succeed the disgraced Chuck Rosenthal. Lykos was a judge for 14 years in County and District Criminal Court, including a stint as chief judge of the Harris County criminal district courts. She has also served as a senior district judge and as a special assignments judge.

A couple of notes before I get to the interview. I generally try to meet candidates at their office or home, but that doesn’t always work out. In this case, we met at a restaurant, and while it was fairly empty there was a fair amount of background noise. I could always hear Lykos when she was speaking, and I think that she sounds clear enough on the recording, but be forewarned. Also, I generally do interviews more than a week in advance, sometimes two or three weeks before they run, since schedules are unpredictable and I need to keep a steady publication pace. This interview was conducted last Wednesday, which is to say after the grand jury hearings concluded and the news of the FBI and Texas Rangers responding to a complaint had hit. My interview with Mike Anderson was done before all of that, so the questions to him were different. I hope that answers any questions you may have about that. With that all said, here’s the interview:

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