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Colbert > Romney


I want my better tomorrow today!

How popular is comedian Stephen Colbert’s semi-serious Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow?

In Texas, it’s more popular that Mitt Romney’s leading Super PAC.

Federal Election Commission records examined by the Houston Chronicle indicate more Texans have donated to Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow than to the pro-Romney Restore Our Future.


By the end of January, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow raised $1,044,615 – $6,716 from individuals citing a Texas address.

While the amount raised by the Colbert Super PAC is dwarfed by the tens of millions of dollars presidential campaigns have received, it did better than Romney’s Super PAC in Texas, with 17 donors over $200 compared to Restore Our Future’s 15.

The headline claimed that the Colbert Super PAC raised more money in Texas than the Romney Super PAC did, which 1) is not what the story says, and 2) seems highly unlikely to me, given the dollar figure cited for Colbert. Nonetheless, given how generally un-beloved Romney is in Texas, it’s not hard to believe. Having been reported as such, it is at least fact-esque, if nothing else.

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