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Endorsement watch: For the love of God, stop this thing already!

This may be the earliest Chron endorsement ever.

Bet you $10,000 you thought that was real

We say: Stop the shooting.

We share the view of many that the Republican Party’s most constructive course going forward is to waste little time and unite behind the candidate most likely to compete effectively against President Obama. In our view, Mitt Romney is that candidate. We endorse Gov. Romney for his party’s nomination for president.


Our endorsement is intended for the eyes and ears and thoughtful consideration of Texas Republicans, of course, but its timing is intended to send a clear message to Republicans nationwide: Stop self-destructing and begin uniting behind Mitt Romney.

You get the feeling that the Chron is ready for the GOP primary to be over? I don’t know how many Republicans they think they’re addressing here. I mean, there’s a reason why Romney has been unable to put away an underfunded lightweight like Santorum. Asking for thoughtful consideration is likely to be about as effective as telling Helena Brown to be measured and deliberate. But hey, I got a chuckle out of it, so it wasn’t a complete waste of effort. And after today, they may get their wish.

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  1. joshua bullard says:

    I want the record to show that i am endorsing any candidate that makes the republican gop ticket,i will vote in the republican primary and i will vote republican for president-heres why,i was soooo broke in 2009 i still to this day cant b elieve i survived-theres was a slight up tick in 2010 that lasted a few months,other than that i was broke-like rameen noodle broke,with this presidential administration i struggled-i dont care whos to blame,i dont care about the specifics,all i know is this ship needs to be back in the republicans hands,it may not get us out of this mess but damn it,its the best shot we all have,other wise we all may end up homeless , eating ramen noodles broke,hungry and tired reading books published back in the 1960’s singing hippie songs un der a tree with charles kuffner blogging on note pads because his computer was sold..

    i dont know about anybody else

    my vote goes heavy republican in 2012

    get us out of this financial mess

    “sos” joshua ben bullard

  2. Brad M. says:

    Chronicle must’ve had this endorsement on auto-pilot to be published and thought that Texas was actually a part of Super Tuesday today. I am sure Santorum wished Texas was in the mix where he would’ve done well.

    Too bad the Republican legislature was so greedy with congressional redistricting and put us into litigation limbo so that Texas, yet again, loses the ability to be a part of the nation conversation.

    Moreover, it is really, really too bad that the Republican presidential field is so incredibly weak.

  3. mary t. says:

    Mr. Bullard – How can you claim to not care whose to blame for the financial mess or specifics and then say that Republicans are the best shot to fix it? I don’t know why your circumstances became reduced to near poverty-level in 2009, but as a whole the country began sinking under eight years of Republican rule (remember-the bank bailout came in 2008 before Obama was even elected, four trillion became 9 trillion in debt). Thanks for your honesty, though.