Tailgating downtown

Go for it!

The Dynamo have been playing at the University of Houston’s Robertson Stadium and have always allowed tailgating prior to games.

However, fans won’t have the same luxury at the soccer team’s new stadium because of a city ordinance against drinking in parking lots downtown.

The city ordinance prohibits an open container or public consumption of alcohol within the central business district, where the new Dynamo stadium is located.

Mayor Annise Parker and members of the City Council are working to provide soccer fans the same privileges that the Texans’ fans enjoy.

“Football has long had a tailgating culture, and soccer fans have a similar fan base that wants to engage in tailgating parties,” Parker noted. “We want to make it a great fan experience.”

The council will consider a proposal Wednesday that would create room in the ordinance for property owned or operated by a sports team to allow open containers and alcohol on the property.

The ordinance was approved unanimously on Wednesday – yes, even you-know-who let it by without a tag. This would also allow fans of the Rockets and Astros to get their tailgate on if they so chose; so far the Astros are thinking about it while the Rockets have not commented. Who knows, maybe this will start a new tradition. Hair Balls and the Chron soccer blog have more.

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