Texas Voices gets an ally

Remember Texas Voices, the fledgling advocacy group that seeks to ease some of the registration requirements for sex offenders? They now have a champion in the Legislature.

“Some offenses don’t rise to the level” of needing registration, Rep. Roberto Alonzo, D-Dallas, said recently.

He’s filed a bill, HB190, that would give certain first-time sex offenders the ability to petition the courts to shorter their registration periods, or to have their registration completely waived . The vast majority of sex offenders in Texas must register on the state’s Department of Public Safety website for life.

The bill is being hailed by Mary Sue Molnar, the mother of a convicted sex offender who is one of Texas Voices key organizers. “I have to tip my hat to him,” Molnar said of Alonzo. “It’s a very good start.”

Molnar and her group have spent months meeting with lawmakers in an effort to find someone willing to carry a bill that would roll back some of the state’s toughest sex offender laws.

The group never met with Alonzo. Alonzo said he filed his bill at the request of a Dallas judge who was fed up with low-risk offenders brought in on technical violations tying up the court’s docket.

Good on Rep. Alonzo for taking this up. I still don’t see any such legislation having a chance of making it out of the Lege, but at least now the issue will be debated. If there is to be any hope, I’d say this is the right approach, pointing out how much money and effort is spent on people who aren’t dangerous. It’s still going to be a tough sell, but it’s got to be done. Good luck, Rep. Alonzo.

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6 Responses to Texas Voices gets an ally

  1. cf says:

    It is time that our government spend our tax dollars more wisely. MOnitoring and incarcerating those who are of no danger is not spening my tax monies wisely. visit http://www.txvoices.com

  2. I vote to review their cases & clear their names

  3. Earl Anthony says:

    A person having sex with someone under the age 17 with their consent should not be considered a sex offender.The one law fits all is unjust and immortal. why should someone that had sex with his girlfriend have the same punishment as someone that RAPED someone,kidnapped or medder. Our laws and lawmakers needs to start useing common sense,and to the people not to money or the god old boys.WE NEED HELP frome our law makers. IF everone that is a sex offender would call their congressman and your state rep.WE the people would have power to get something done to help. CALL OR WRITE TODAY.

  4. First of all when people hear Texas voices (sex offenders fighting back)? YES!- the proper way. What most people don’t realize is that association with this group means is that we (myself as well) want our lives back. The mistakes were made,the time was done and to try to keep from making those mistakes again,is to ask God to help us walk our everyday life. You can’t change the past but you can fight back for what rightfully belongs to you,meaning you must change your life as you fight back for your freedom. Prove to yourself that you are someone better then the person you use to be and the society that lives in your heart will be a better place for you to live. Getting out of prison…you can only change you. Show respect and let patience and time work its way through your heart,with Gods love “that” will be given back to you.

  5. lawnmowerman says:

    When local news promotes their “predator watch” to gain ratings – it’s complete fear mongering. It’s such a hot button issue that politicians put their names on anything to “stop” these people. Unfortunately, it’s more likely a way for them to gain popularity and favor in the eyes of their constituants. So many people would reconsider their position on this when or if it ever happens to them, a friend, or a loved one. Even the courts, law enforcement knows that these conditions are far beyond reasonable. The state of Texas just does whatever they want.

  6. esther Ritchie says:

    Kudos to Rep.Alonzo for having the sense to try and make reforms to a system that is unfair, ill-conceived, and is frankly out of control.

    More power to him and others who are finally beginning to see what the registry has become.

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