Presidential Pinterest

A while back I wondered if political campaigns would try to leverage Pinterest as part of their social media strategy. At least one well-known campaign has now jumped on it.

Obama cupcakes

In case you missed it, Barack Obama [Tuesday] officially became the first U.S. President to launch a Pinterest page. His campaign staff announced the move on Twitter today.


Obama is not the first to use Pinterest for political purposes. Groups like liberal-leaning Think Progress have employed it to poke at GOP candidates. Ann Romney, wife of GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney, has a page of her own to collect recipes and post campaign photos.

So what will the president use his page for? Well, if his current social media strategy is any indication, he will use it to disseminate his popular memes — catchy images and videos designed specifically to spread virally on the web (His campaign Tumblr page also is used for the same purpose). Already, Obama’s Pinterest page has some pep to it. The page features photos of dogs wearing Obama gear, cakes shaped like Obama’s campaign logo and even disarming photos of the president himself.

Welcome to Political Campaigns circa 2012.

Indeed, and note that the fact that there’s also a Presidential Tumblr page wasn’t even worth remarking on. As long as your campaign has the resources to ensure these different campaign platforms remain lively and updated, I’d say you can’t have too many ways to communicate with voters. Who do you think will be the first Texas officeholder or candidate to climb on the Pinterest bandwagon?

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