Interview with KP George

KP George

There are many contested Democratic Congressional primaries around the state this year, but in a sense the most important one is for a race that’s not on any national list of races to watch. I’m talking about the CD22 primary, and the reason this race matters is because in 2010 the Democrats unknowingly nominated Kesha Rogers, a LaRouchie wacko who spent the rest of the election cycle making everyon regret that they hadn’t been paying closer attention in March. Rogers is running again, but this time no one can say she’s sneaking up on anyone. Opposing Rogers is KP George, the only Democrat running for the office. George is a businessman from Sugar Land who emigrated from India in 1993 and is living the American dream now. He’s a good guy, a good Democrat, and the only choice in CD22. Here’s the interview:

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4 Responses to Interview with KP George

  1. Bill Eisenstein says:

    I heard there were two democrats running though?

  2. Daniel says:

    While Kesha Rogers is running on the Democratic ticket, she is in no way a Democrat. She is a follower of Lyndon Larouche. She is using this election as a pretense to bring her unorthodox views to the mainstream. These views include impeaching President Obama, and blaming the recession on the British royal family.

    There is only one Democrat in this race, KP George.

  3. Bill Eisenstein says:

    Got it. I will spread the word.

    KP has it.

    Undoubtly. Kesha should be no challenge.

    Bullard is a republican manipulator.

    If you look at the breakdown of the vote much of Keisha’s vote came from crossover voters in the Clear Lake area who wanted to make sure the incumbent, Pete Olson, was re-elected with token opposition. Olson of course has been little more than a train wreck as a representative.

    CD22 citizens are not focused on impeaching Obama and colonizing Mars. They are focused on having good jobs, retiring with good Medicare and Social Security, and making sure kids have A+ education. Doesn’t matter R or D. Im pretty conservative, but I know Id never want an extremist representing me!

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