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Endorsement watch: Three’s company

It’s not uncommon to see dual endorsements in multi-candidate races. Even the Chron did one for the 2009 Mayor’s race. But this is the first time I can ever recall seeing a three-way endorsement.

The creation of District 36 has attracted a field of candidates on the Republican side comparable in number to an event such as the Kentucky Derby. A few have held or now hold public office, but many of the 12 candidates on the GOP primary ballot are political newcomers. Given the sheer number of candidates making this race, a runoff seems likely. That being the case, we recommend District 36 voters’ consideration of the following three candidates:


We encourage District 36 voters to give consideration to state Sen. Mike Jackson, Kim Morrell and Ky D. Griffin in the Republican primary.

Seriously? They couldn’t even narrow it down to Jackson and whoever they thought was most likely to make it to a runoff with him? Why even bother? Better to just wait for the runoff, if one happens, and pick from the two finalists. I don’t see how this helps anyone make a choice.

On a side note, Campos has an update on the Chron’s endorsement process this year.

In Harris County, if you are running for Constable, Justice of the Peace, State Board of Education, and a few other races, you won’t get screened by the Chron E-Board. That’s the way it goes these days.

Again I say “Seriously?” I found the time, all by myself, to interview 44 candidates, and they can’t be bothered to hold screenings for these offices? I can’t wait for their next editorial lecture bemoaning the lack of voter engagement and participation. Sheesh.

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