Sullivan confirms he will step down in January

There will be one more election on the ballot this November.

CM Mike Sullivan

Houston City Councilman Mike Sullivan confirmed Thursday that he will submit his resignation next month as a result of his victory in the Republican Party primary for county tax assessor-collector, keeping a promise he made before Tuesday’s election.

Sullivan said his resignation will be effective on Jan. 1. That is no earlier than he would have to resign to get sworn in as county tax assessor-collector should he win the November general election against Democrat Ann Harris Bennett. State law prohibits him from holding both offices.

Giving council six months’ advance notice of his intentions allows it time to place an election for Sullivan’s successor on the November ballot instead of holding a stand-alone election in District E that would cost taxpayers an estimated $150,000 to $200,000.

The risk Sullivan is taking is his pledge to resign whether he wins or loses in November. A general election loss would leave him without a city or county office. In addition, a resignation date of Jan. 1 would leave him just one day short of the five years of city service necessary to qualify for a municipal pension. Hitting the five-year mark would qualify Sullivan for an annual pension benefit of more than $5,000.

“That is a very real possibility,” Sullivan responded when asked by email if he was prepared to forgo the pension benefit. “I’ve always considered it a privilege to serve, and have never viewed it for public gain. If I resign prior to my anniversary date, I will have no regrets.”

See here for some background. Sullivan headed this off as a campaign issue for the primary and will presumably do so as well for the general. I admire him for standing on principle here. He doesn’t have to do it and there is a potential downside for him. Now let’s have a debate about the direction in which we want the Tax Assessor’s office to go.

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3 Responses to Sullivan confirms he will step down in January

  1. joshua bullard says:

    I have always been a huge fan of public official mike sullivan,talk about a guy that shoots it straight with the voters and does exactly what he says he will do,there were alot of people that voted for him,me and mom included,this guy rocks……………

    joshua ben bullard

  2. elaine menocal says:

    Mike Sullivan running for County Tax Assesor Collector.Really? Let me tell you some infor
    mation.On June 7 2012 Mike Sullivan came to my house in a patrol car with a police officer after I called for help 911 line because we have a situation with a vacant house next to my house and a abandoned car parking in the street. I ask him for his name and try to talk to him regading to my neighbors house , I let him know that the house claimed Homestead Exemption and nobody was living there for years.
    Mr. Sullivan step back and don’t said a word. I e-mailed him next day asking him.
    What he was doing at 9.00 pm in a patrol car with a police officer? Why he doesn’t even
    answer my questions?
    E-mail never reply to me.
    Mr Sullivan is not the person that will be running for a position as a Tax Collector.
    Still if he wants to give me an explanation I will be more that welcome to hear what he have to said.

  3. joshua bullard says:

    elaine menocal,let me start by first saying this to you-everything is going to be ok,everything is fine,your safe,now then,over the years many elected city of houston council members did in fact do “ride alongs” take michael berry for instance, he was on many,and when there on them i dont think they are allowed to speak with anyone involved in a call,during a call or after….

    again elaine,everything is ok,your safe,not to worry…

    joshua ben bullard

    ps-this is my number 832 258 7511 call me with all the details of what happened…..

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