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Weekend link dump for June 3

I want to be a designer of dinosaur sculptures when I grow up.

Would you eat the Dark Vador burger if you were in a McDonald’s in France?

Meet the young entrepreneur who squatted at AOL for three months while getting his venture off the ground.

Every Hall of Famer, hand-drawn by Summer Anne Burton.

Is the intellectual apparatus of the Republican Party collapsing?

We are way overdue for a serious discussion about pardons and clemency in this country. Like so many other things, it suffers from being politicized.

An animated history of the book, by Douglas Adams.

Slavery, seafood, sexuality and the Southern Bible. And yet another example of why in a just universe Fred Clark would be in your newspaper’s op-ed column and on the Sunday talk shows.

“You know how you can tell we’re in an election year? Even the sportswriters are acting like Politico.”

Looking beyond 2012 at the Latino vote.

Charles Barkley learns not to mess with San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

Speaking of which, the Spurs are too boringly competent for America to pay attention to them.

Why is the National Weather Service diverting funds?

Those Nigerian email scammers have apparently moved on to the real estate market. Beware.

Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out, Artur.

Controlling portion size by any means necessary, though perhaps not by the best possible way.

“The biological truth of old person smell remains uncertain.”

Hugo Chavez is not long for this world.

It would be hilarious to see Republicans defending the legacy of Bill Clinton if it weren’t so pathetic.

I wonder how many other rappers T. Boone Pickens follows on Twitter.

I could probably link to Charlie Pierce every week, too.

An open letter to the Supreme Court in cartoon form, about health insurance.

RIP, Orlando Woolridge. I was a huge Notre Dame fan as a kid, and the team he was on with Kelly Tripucka, Bill Laimbeer, and later John Paxson was one of my all-time favorites.

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