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Saturday video break: Try A Little Tenderness

Song #64 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Try A Little Tenderness”, originally by Bing Crosby and covered by everybody in the galaxy but for these purposes by Otis Redding. Here’s Der Bingle:

Oh, that voice. Makes you want to go lay a pile of eggs, doesn’t it? Such a shame being a great talent doesn’t make one a great human being. Anyway, here’s Otis Redding:

Another monumental talent, and the polar opposite stylistically. As with Karen Carpenter, and sadly many other artists on this list, you have to wonder what might have been had his life not been cut so tragically short.

Like I said, there’s about a zillion versions of this song. I’m partial to the one from “The Commitments”:

What’s your favorite?

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