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Buffalo Bayou begins its makeover

This is going to be great.

The jogging and biking trails that wind through Buffalo Bayou Park west of downtown are about to get a bit more circuitous as a $55 million effort to transform the area into an iconic green space for Houston begins in earnest this month.


The Harris County Flood Control District will kick off $5.1 million worth of earthwork along the bayou next month, dredging silt from the channel, fixing erosion problems and pulling or planting vegetation.

“It’s a very popular area. The challenge is leaving the park open for the public to use while we have large construction equipment in there,” said Sandra Musgrove, infrastructure division director for the flood control district. “I just hope people will be patient and tolerate all the construction, because the end result will be a really nice park.”

The district generally will work westward, reaching Shepherd by December 2014. The partnership will follow, extending the landscaping, distinctive blue lighting and waterside jogging trails it built between Bagby and Sabine to Shepherd by spring 2015.

Work to replace the main hike-and-bike trail through the park already has begun, overseen by the Texas Department of Transportation.

See here for full details of the plan, and this Swamplot post from last year for more pictures. Buffalo Bayou Park is already one of this city’s great amenities. The completion of this project will make it that much better.

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  1. Paul Kubosh says:

    So is this area from Downtown to shepherd. Would that make a very large park for River Oaks? I just wanted to know before I have to go to google maps.

  2. Brad says:

    Kabash on Kubosh. I don’t get the impression the River Oaksy crowd will hang out much at a public park. Think private clubby my friend.

  3. Joseph Houston says:

    While I think the River Oaks crowd will indeed use the resulting park space more than someone outside the loop, improving the area will also benefit them more than the average Houstonian in terms of property values. If you believe the rich avoid public parks, I suggest you check out the parking lots surrounding Memorial Park to find a great many upscale vehicles that are registered to addresses in the River Oaks and other upscale communities nearby.

  4. […] notes that each of these five items will be its own ballot proposition. Parks funding includes the Bayou Greenway project, which merits a couple of paragraphs in the release. Not all of the funds from this package has […]

  5. Paul Kubosh says:

    Bradly….while I agree with you on the clubby Joseph is right. Those river oaks wives like to strutt their stuff out in public also. Oooops was just politically incorrect?

  6. This ain’t for the River Oaks crowd. This is for the Montrose/Heights/Washington peeps.