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White Oak Bayou Bike Trail closed at 610 until 2014


It is with regret that we inform you that project delays (utility relocation) has negatively impacted the schedule for the IH-610 at TC Jester improvement project, causing the trail closure to be extended into Spring 2014. TxDOT is as greatly concerned about these delays as much as you are as the bicyclist, pedestrian or other trail user.

While ‘Share the Road’ signage has been installed along TC Jester, please do not ride through the construction zone – especially when East or West TC Jester is closed at the intersection with IH-610. It is unlawful and unsafe for both you (the bicyclist) and construction workers.

Need more up to date information, please visit or contact the US 290j Public Information Office at 1-866-958-7290.

For a complete listing of TxDOT lane closures on US 290 and in the greater Houston area, please visit

Follow the project on Twitter @my290houston

I haven’t made it out that way on my bike yet. It’s on my to do list, but I guess I’ve got a reprieve for now. Note that even if you don’t care about bikes, this means that the road construction is taking longer than anticipated, and that always sucks. Sure gives you a warm fuzzy about the future 290 construction, doesn’t it? See here and here for some background. Link via The Leader.

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