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Weekend link dump for September 23

Let judges perform weddings. Who cares if they’re active or not?

Making it easier to fire teachers has no effect on student performance.

I want to ride my tricycle, I want to ride my trike.

What Faith The Vampire Slayer’s mom has to say about Mitt Romney.

Are Apple products not so easy to use any more?

Ten “fun” facts from the Values “Values” Voter Summit.

Well, this is what most people use the Internet for.

The Incred-Obamas.

We need to build a lot more of that, and the sooner the better.

Comedians and blog-snark purveyors are fervently hoping this happens.

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar. Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are.

Another reminder to not dump non-native species into the local ecosystem.

“So whenever you hear that half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes, remember: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush helped build that.”

RIP, Steve Sabol, guru of NFL Films.

Another “be careful what you like on Facebook” story.

Mitt Romney will of course never give this speech, but Lord knows, he should.

I sure hope that Chick-Fil-A is ceasing donations to anti-gay groups. It would be great news, and a big win for social justice and public pressure.

The budget sequester would be bad for science, too.

Everyone deserves to participate in our society.

Always remember Rule #1.

Happy 95th birthday to June Foray, the first lady of cartoon voices.

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