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Endorsement watch: The other easy call

The Chron makes a ringing endorsement of Sheriff Adrian Garcia for re-election.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia

In the 2008 elections, Adrian Garcia received more votes than any other candidate in Harris County. His record in office merits a similar outcome in 2012.

With Garcia as sheriff, a $56 million budget overrun has become a $3 million surplus, overcrowded jails have been brought into line, and rampant county jail deaths are a thing of the past. A sheriff’s office that had lost focus, facing civil rights lawsuits and constant criticism just four years ago, is now a disciplined and efficient law enforcement agency dedicated to protecting Harris County citizens and serving the community.

Sheriff Garcia has accomplished this through hard work and a certain fearlessness against an entrenched, good ol’ boy way of doing things that may have made life comfortable for some people in the sheriff’s office, but not for the people of Harris County.


As the Chronicle’s Patricia Kilday Hart has reported (“Two reasons to avoid straight-ticket voting,” Page A1, Sept. 28), [Republican candidate Louis] Guthrie’s career has been plagued by scandal, and he’s prone to power trips. He received four letters of reprimand and two suspensions before being fired from the Harris County sheriff’s office. Guthrie is not the person the county needs as its top law enforcement officer.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia has demonstrated how local government is supposed to work. He’s clearly the better man for the job.

I figured the Chron would use that Kilday Hart column as a guide in their District Attorney and Sheriff endorsements. Glad to see them prove me right. Sheriff Garcia has accomplished a lot in his four years, to fix what was badly broken and to move the ball forward. He deserves the praise, and he deserves your vote.

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  1. Robert Goerlitz says:

    Clearly NOT the better man for the job.