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No Planned Parenthood, no women’s health care

It’s a simple enough concept.

Right there with them

Women’s access to affordable health care will be reduced if the state follows through with its plan to eschew federal funding for the Women’s Health Program and create a state program instead, according to a new study from George Washington University.

The study, a follow-up to a May report from the university on Texas women’s health, examines the impact of excluding Planned Parenthood from the state Women’s Health Program in Bexar, Dallas, Hidalgo, Lubbock and Midland counties.


“While other clinics may be able to care for some of the displaced patients if Planned Parenthood is excluded, there is no evidence that they are prepared to sustain the very large caseload increases that would be required to fill the gaps left after Planned Parenthood clinics are excluded,” the study says.

Planned Parenthood served between 51 and 84 percent of the program’s patients in the counties the study examined. Across the state, almost half of the more than 100,000 women in the program received care at Planned Parenthood, according to a recent study from the University of Texas Population Research Center.

Here’s the study in question. I blogged about the other study referenced in this story here. HHSC continues to claim that they’ve rounded up enough replacement providers to fill the gap that Planned Parenthood’s exclusion will create, while duplicitous legislators like Rep. Sarah Davis try to obfuscate the fact that they voted for this to happen. We’ll know for sure soon enough what the effect will be. Democrats need to pound on this every damn day between now and the 2014 election.

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