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Friday random ten: Did the Mayans predict the fiscal cliff?

One more week till the end of the world, which one must admit would be a neat solution to the so-called fiscal cliff. Here’s a Friday random ten that combines the two:

1. Close To The Edge – Yes
2. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) – Great Big Sea
3. Argument – from the soundtrack to “Chess”
4. We Just Disagree – Bob Dylan
5. Going To Hell In A Bucket – Grateful Dead
6. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down – Lyle Lovett
7. 1999 – Asylum Street Spankers
8. On The Other Shore – Austin Lounge Lizards
9. Money – Pink Floyd
10. How Many Times A Fool – Trout Fishing In America

I must confess to some cheating here. As far as I know, the Spankers never recorded a version of their awesome “1999” cover, but I saw them play it live many times. If the world really is about to come to an end, the least they could do is reunite to play it one last time. Also, I don’t own “Going To Hell In A Bucket”, but I heard it on the radio the other day and it’s what inspired this idea. I figure “How Many Times A Fool” is what both Republicans and Democrats are singing to President Obama about now, though with perspectives on it. I could have also included “How You Carry On” by Marcia Ball, which would be Obama’s response to them both. Assuming we’re not actually doomed, I’ll have another Random Ten next week as usual.

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One Comment

  1. Gary says:

    Does no one remember Barry McGuire singing “Eve of Destruction” in 1965?