The Lykos era officially ends

That’s all she wrote.

Pat Lykos

A grand jury scrutinizing former District Attorney Pat Lykos and her administration declined Thursday to indict Lykos regarding allegations of misuse of public resources.

The Harris County grand jury’s decision to end its term without action ends a yearlong probe. It was initiated when the Texas Rangers asked for a special prosecutor to look into allegations that members of the Lykos administration had investigated members of another grand jury who spent six months looking into evidence collected by the Houston Police Department’s troubled breath alcohol testing vehicles.

Attorney Eric Nichols was appointed as a special prosecutor weeks after the Rangers’ February 2012 request.

Because grand jury proceedings are secret, Nichols said little Thursday except that its term had ended and no indictments were handed down.

See here, here, and here for the background. To say the least, this was a bizarre story, involving no small amount of inside-baseball Republican politics. I never really thought there was anything to this, but it’s hard to believe that the story didn’t damage Lykos’ prospects in last year’s primary. Be that as it may, and barring anything strange, this is the end of the line.

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