Greg Abbott has a very special announcement to make

He’s ready to accept your coronation as king the next Governor of Texas.

There he is…

Attorney General Greg Abbott is tipping his hand ever so much more slightly about his San Antonio appearance Sunday, with his campaign re-branding it from a meet-and-greet to a “major announcement.”

Abbott is widely expected to announce for governor in the wake of Gov. Rick Perry’s decision not to seek re-election, and he’s the odds-on favorite to win the seat.

His campaign just revealed a day ago that Abbott has raised nearly another $5 million.

He had an $18 million war chest in January, although he hasn’t yet said how much of that he’s spent getting ready for his “major announcement.

The Twitterati were ready to weigh in when the AP first reported the news.

“I bet @GregAbbott_TX’s ‘major announcement’ really is major, unlike Rick Perry’s ‘exciting future plans,’ which totally wasn’t,” said Democratic strategist Harold Cook.

Of course, it could be that his “major announcement” is to announce that he’s won a major award. What would be a “major announcement” would be some kind of policy idea that isn’t “ME HATE OBAMA”, but as Burka notes, Abbott doesn’t exactly have a track record to suggest that. Nope, I’m pretty sure it will be all about his divine right to be next in line. Get used to it, folks.

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