Weekend link dump for August 18

“The decision to stay within the narrow lanes of your own fantasies is a choice, not biological determinism.”

First person to write a diet book for animals wins.

The Internet name space is about to get a whole lot bigger.

The paint industry has largely avoided liability for lead poisoning resulting from the use of lead-based paints, despite their knowing of its danger for many years.

Ain’t no party like an IKEA crayfish party, because who doesn’t associate IKEA with crayfish parties?

“So to me, geek is a big umbrella for people who love what they love and love sharing that love with other people.”

“Using data from over 3,000 counties, their results show that when a Walmart store opens, it kills an average 150 retail jobs at the county level, with each Walmart worker replacing about 1.4 retail workers.”

The Global Genome Initiative wants to sequence the DNA of 1.3 million animal species.

RIP, Eydie Gorme.

“There are currently 35 states that have ratified the ERA. We need just three more states for women to have equal rights under our Constitution.”

“The fact that another retailer — even a small regional one — is able to compete and sometimes beat Walmart on prices, while also operating well-organized stores staffed by workers who enjoy their jobs, like their employer and genuinely want the company to be successful? Well, that’s got to alarm the world’s biggest retailer, if not keep executives up at night.”

Proof that anything can be an excuse for a gratuitous slideshow.

“Yeah, just stop and think about that for a moment: The pioneer wildcatter who caused a sea change that has altered the face of the energy world in ways thought impossible, and the famed scientist zooming along in their wheelchairs like a couple of kids.”

Has anyone considered the possibility that Elon Musk is a Bond villain in training? He has the name for a Bond villain, anyway. I don’t really believe this, but if he suddenly buys an island and starts hiring minions, we might want to check into it, that’s all I’m saying.

The 4000 Hit Club is bigger than you might think.

“Obama should be bending over backwards to appoint not the candidate who can best manage a financial crisis, but rather the candidate who is most likely to stop a crisis from happening in the first place. That candidate is Janet Yellen.”

The 3D TV story you don’t know.

The last first day of school is a long way off for me, but I’m sure I’ll be plenty emotional when it happens.

RIP, Kevin Cordasco. Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston are a couple of mensches. Also, cancer sucks.

RIP, Jack Germond, the kind of political reporter they don’t make anymore.

“The moral of this story should be clear to all economists: If you choose to get involved in politics and public policy debates, your position in those debates will determine your popular legacy, and your academic ideas will be remembered only in academia. That is the price you will inevitably pay.”

Or, putting it another way, “Milton Friedman was trying to save conservatism from people exactly like Rand Paul“.

Gmail users do have expectation of privacy, some misunderstandings about a court filing aside.

Go right ahead and fire Jennifer Rubin. Then please fire Richard Cohen and Charles Krauthammer, too.

More nurse practitioners, please.

“Building a business in a state that denies basic rights to LGBT couples is difficult to justify to potential employees — straight or gay.”

When push polls fail.

There aren’t enough days in the year to determine who the craziest member of Congress not named Louie Gohmert is.

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