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Election page updates

If you take a look at my 2013 Election page, you will see that I have added information about HISD and HCC races. I don’t have information about all candidates, mostly because I don’t think I’ve heard of everyone yet, and because I’m certain that some of the fields are not settled yet. The rumor mill is saying that long-term scandal-plagued HISD Trustee Lawrence Marshall is not running for re-election, but as yet there has been no announcement to that effect, so take it with an appropriate level of skepticism. I am aware of at least one well-known candidate that is preparing to jump into that race, but again as yet no public announcement has been made. The filing deadline is one week from today, so we’ll know for sure who’s in and who’s not at that time. In the meantime, if I’ve missed anyone, or if I’ve missed someone’s webpage, please let me know.

Please note again with endorsements that I only include information that comes from the source. Press releases from the endorsing organization, webpage or Facebook links from the endorsing organization, ideally listing all of their endorsed candidates, are the sort of thing I’m looking for to include it on that page. I will not link to a release or post from the candidate. If you aware of an announcement or link from an endorsing organization that I have not included, please send it to me, but please do not forward an email from a candidate touting an endorsement they have received.

Some organizations have made endorsements but have not sent out press releases on them yet. I’ve had communication with three such groups so far, and am expecting something from them in the next couple of weeks. Patience, please.

HCC finance reports for July are finally available on their website, but only for incumbent Trustees. Finance reports for non-incumbent candidates, in both HCC and HISD, are not readily available to me. As you know, this is something I believe they need to fix.

Finally, as you can see, interviews are proceeding along. I’ll be skipping most unopposed incumbents this time around due to constraints on my time, but should be able to get everything else in by around the start of early voting.

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