How city candidates have voted in past primaries

This is great to see.

The Harris County Democratic Party does not endorse candidates in the non-partisan City of Houston elections; however, in an effort to keep you informed as to which candidates are Democrats and which are not, we are providing this information page.

Candidates and elected officials who are current Sustaining Members of the Harris County Democratic Party are marked with a sustaining member badge on their photos. We have also included information regarding how each candidate voted in the last 3 (2012, 2010, 2008) Primary elections. Those noted with a “D” indicate that they voted in the Democratic Primary, those noted with “R” indicate that they voted in the Republican Primary. When “N/A” appears, the individual had no voting history for that year’s Primary.

You can click on the candidate’s photo to be taken to their website so you can learn their positions on the issues that matter to you and make an informed choice at the ballot box in November.

Thanks to Stace for highlighting this. I called for something exactly like this two years ago when the process of electing a successor to then-HCDP Chair Gerry Birnberg had begun, so I am delighted to see it happen. As I noted then, this is something the Harris County GOP has been doing all along – you can see their page for the 2013 elections, which I think isn’t nearly as snappy as the Dems’ page. The Dem page does need to be updated to reflect the final, post-filing-deadline lineups in the HISD and HCC races – the GOP page is up to date on that, though they’re missing primary information for a lot of the school district and HCC candidates – and it would be nice if they included candidates for school districts other than just HISD. The fact that that did this at all, and in such a nicely presented way, is a big step forward. Kudos to all for the effort.

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3 Responses to How city candidates have voted in past primaries

  1. Carl Whitmarsh says:

    Charles, the reason you have this information provided by HCDP is because of our Chair Lane Lewis. who promised to make this information publicly accessible, and our Operations Director, Brad Prichett, who compiled all the info….and btw….years back, former party chair Sue Smith Schechter and Executive Director Bette John provided this info to the public.

  2. Mainstream says:

    I am baffled by the discrepancies between the list published by the GOP and that of the Democrat party.

    The GOP list purports to be based on the most recently primary election vote of a candidate, without telling which year.

    The GOP omits listing Roy Cormier as an R, despite his 2012 primary vote.

    The GOP lists Taef in District G as an R, while the Democrat list shows him not voting in the past three primaries.

    The Democrat list shows Lana Edwards in District D as an R, while the GOP list shows her as a D! I guess no one wants to claim her.

    I see other differences for Victoria Lane, Issa Dadoush, Evans-Shabazz, Ives, Anthony Robinson.

  3. David Abdo says:

    Please send out through the USPS a complete update list of all Republicans running for all offices in this Houston & State Race. Most candidates won’t tell you there political status.

    Thank You,

    David Abdo

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