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Interview with Anthony Robinson

Anthony Robinson

Anthony Robinson

If you’ve followed the news at all in Texas over the past decade or so you’re familiar with the large number of convicted inmates who have been subsequently freed after being exonerated by DNA evidence. That’s the story of District D candidate Anthony Robinson, who was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit in 1986, freed after serving ten years in jail, then proven innocent by DNA analysis in 2000. A former Army Cavalry Officer, Robinson earned two degrees while in prison, then got a law degree and became an attorney after being freed. He is a practicing attorney now, and as you might imagine has a strong interest in criminal justice matters. That was one of the things we talked about in our interview:

Anthony Robinson interview

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  1. […] not because Robinson isn’t a good candidate – he is, and he impressed me in his interview with me – but because he is a newcomer with a relatively low profile in a strong field. […]