Faith and business leaders rally for immigration reform

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Pressure Continues to Build as Congress Returns to D.C.

(Houston, TX)- On Thursday, September 12 at 11am, prominent clergy leaders and respected members of Houston’s business and political community will gather at the University of St. Thomas for a panel discussion, organized by Faith in Public Life and concerned Texans, to urge Rep. Ted Poe and fellow members of Texas’s delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives to enact just and common sense immigration reform.

“Here in Houston, the lack of comprehensive immigration reform confronts us daily,” said Dr. Robert Ivany, President of the University of St. Thomas. “We are honored to host this forum to address our duty as responsible citizens and as faithful Catholics who are committed to the fair and just treatment of our community.”


Dr. Robert Ivany, President, University of St. Thomas-Houston

Stan Marek, President and CEO, The Marek Family Companies

Rev. Diane McGehee, Director, Texas United Methodist Conference Center    for Missional Excellence

Pastor Tim Moore, Walk Worthy Baptist Church

Roy Guel, Missions Minister, Sagemont Church

Scott Braddock, Broadcast Journalist and Political Commentator

Sr. Veronica Schueler, FSE, Family Visa Program Supervising Attorny, St. Frances Cabrini Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance

WHAT: Roundtable discussion with faith, business, and political leaders highlighting the need to pass common sense immigration reform now.

WHERE: University of St. Thomas, 3800 Montrose, Houston (Ahern Room, Crooker Center)

WHEN: Thursday, September 12 at 11am

As Congress heads back to Washington, D.C. this week following the August recess, people of faith and business leaders across the United States will continue to urge the House of Representatives to hold a vote for comprehensive immigration reform.  The diverse and powerful pro-immigration movement will not rest until 11 million aspiring Americans are able to leave the shadows and fully contribute to, and participate in, America’s future.

The thinking is that Rep. Poe might be willing to support real immigration reform. If you have the time, come out and help persuade him.

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2 Responses to Faith and business leaders rally for immigration reform

  1. Tanya R. says:

    The fact that these faith leaders are pushing for amnesty along with local business leaders in Houston surprises me, especially after the Vision America Heroes of Faith Gala’s message on immigration last night. Not a whole lot of time was spent on the subject because that isn’t what the event was about but Pastor Rick Scarborough made it very clear that America has laws that must be enforced and borders that must be protected.
    There are millions of Americans out of work, why on earth would we add millions more to America’s workforce? Why would we allow millions to be pushed to the front of the line, ahead of others that have been waiting for citizenship and followed the law?
    This isn’t an easy issue to solve but amnesty isn’t the answer.

  2. Tanya – No one would be pushed to the front of the line. The “pathway to citizenship”, as things stand right now in the Senate bill, is something like 13 years long. It’s hardly amnesty. Not having a pathway to citizenship, as Ted Cruz would have it, means creating a permanent underclass. The experiences in countries like Germany and France demonstrate why that’s a bad idea.

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