Interview with Anna Eastman

Anna Eastman

Anna Eastman

I still have some Houston elections to cover here, but for this week we turn our attention to the HISD Trustee races. I have five interviews to bring you for these races, beginning with my Trustee in District I, Anna Eastman. Eastman, the current Board President, is serving her first term after winning a runoff in 2009 to succeed Natasha Kamrani. A former social worker, Eastman headed up Travis Elementary School PTA Ad-Hoc Transition Committee while it was undergoing expansion, and served as its PTA President for two years. I don’t usually state my preferences in these interview posts, but since I have already said that I plan to vote for Eastman I’ll say it again here, so there’s no confusion. Here’s the interview:

Anna Eastman interview

You can see all of my interviews as well as finance reports and other information on candidates on my 2013 Election page.

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2 Responses to Interview with Anna Eastman

  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    kuffner is correct=he doesnt usually say in the interviews whom he supports, but he implys it every chance he gets with all type of low ball questions and easy up leaders…

    the nerve of kuffner to say”i dont usually show support “lol lol

    its easy to see in every interview he does(and doesnt do) whom he “supports”.

    joshua ben bullard

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