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The Chron keeps trying to talk to Ted Cruz

It’s kind of cute, and probably about as effective as my efforts to talk to my dog.

Not Ted Cruz

Not Ted Cruz

When U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, stands before the Greater Houston Partnership tomorrow morning to deliver his “State of the Senate” address, he’ll receive a respectful hearing from an audience of Houston’s most influential business and civic leaders. We hope he’ll respond in kind, in light of the fact that a number of those same leaders are frustrated with the zealotry and ideological rigidity that have marked his brief Senate tenure so far.

Immigration reform is high on their list, and yet the state’s junior senator has been a stumbling block, not a pragmatic problem-solver when it comes to sorting out the complicated issues involved with determining who belongs in this country and who doesn’t. An attitude of stubbornness and rigidity is not the way Partnership members operate their businesses; nor is it the way they expect elected officials to represent Texans and their interests in Washington.

Cruz professes to be an immigration reform advocate, but his notion of reform is to build a Berlin Wall along the 2,000-mile Mexican border at $21 million per mile, deploy so many troops and Border Patrol agents that those ubiquitous “boots on the ground” will be stomping all over each other and set a standard of apprehension so high – 100 percent “situational awareness,” it’s called – that a skittish jack rabbit couldn’t venture into this country from across the border. In other words, he doesn’t want reform at all.


The Senate already has passed a bipartisan legislative package that goes a long way toward reforming the nation’s unfair and unwieldy immigration system, despite immigrant Cruz’s typically adamant opposition. For the moment, and probably for the foreseeable future, the effort is stalled in the House.

With consensus for sensible reform building across the nation – and certainly here in Houston – both Cruz and House opponents need to be held accountable. Tomorrow, Greater Houston Partnership members have an opportunity to do just that.

Well, at least they didn’t embarrass themselves with another invocation of Kay Bailey Hutchison. Maybe there is hope they can learn from their mistakes. Obviously, Cruz isn’t listening to what the Chron has to say – I mean, come on – but it’s possible that the Greater Houston Partnership is. It’s going to be five years before anyone gets to hold Ted Cruz accountable. It can’t hurt in the meantime to remind groups like the GHP that if they want elected officials that will actually listen to them, they’re going to need to support someone other than Ted Cruz.

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  1. Robert Baker says:

    I was not able to attend but I will bet that Senator Ted Cruz received a standing ovation from The Greater Houston Partnership crowd–as far as Partnership Members frustrated with Ted Cruz’s zealotry—there may be a few but the great majority are behind his efforts to reign in the Federal Government

  2. Brad M. says:

    “reign in the Federal Government”? You mean the Federal government that hands out oodles of subsidies to big business?

    Curious statement.