Maxey Scherr kicks off her campaign

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Maxey Scherr, an El Paso attorney, officially kicked-off her campaign for United States Senate today with a web video and event over a hundred supporters in El Paso. Scherr is vying to be the first person from El Paso to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Watch the web video, “Get Texas Off Cruz Control,” here.

In addition, Maxey’s campaign launched an accompanying website:

“Ted Cruz is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Washington – and John Cornyn is along for the ride,” Scherr said. “I’m running for the U.S. Senate because their agenda leaves too many people behind. You deserve a senator who listens and is respectful, and who is focused on solving problems. Senator Cornyn is stuck on ‘Cruz Control’ on every issue that matters and I’m running for Senate because I won’t be.”

In addition, Maxey Scherr was endorsed by former Congressman Silvestre Reyes, State Senator Jose Rodriguez, and State Representative Joe Moody:

“Maxey was one of the brightest and most talented people who worked on my staff,” said former Congressman Silvestre Reyes. “Maxey has a deeply personal understanding of different backgrounds that compose Texas. Her energy and focus are exactly what we need in Washington to deal with issues like immigration reform and increasing the minimum wage. I’m proud to support her.”

State Senator Jose Rodriguez said, “Maxey Scherr is dynamic, smart and committed to Texas. She’s a great candidate for U.S. Senate who will work for access to health care, improved education, and immigration reform. Unfortunately Texas leadership only works for the interest of large corporate donors today. We need to change that, and focus on policies that help small business, workers and families – and Maxey will be that type of Senator.”

State Representative Joe Moody said, ““I’ve known Maxey Scherr for years and am proud to endorse her for U.S. Senate because of her character. She will focus on solving problems. Whether it’s cutting wasteful government spending or supporting an increase to the minimum wage – Maxey will be a passionate advocate for Texas families.”

Here’s an embed of that video:

It’s a good video, well produced with a catchy hook and some appealing ideas. I agree with PDiddie that attacking Cornyn via Cruz is a worthwhile idea, one that isn’t necessarily limited to Democratic candidates for Senate. The video also can – and should – be cut into shorter versions for sharing or making more specific points. It also accomplished the job of earning some media, which is no small feat at this time of the cycle and with so many Republicans running around saying crazy things.

One other point to note is the three endorsements Scherr received. Sure, they’re from hometown politicians, but I’d bet money she’s the only candidate in the increasingly crowded Senate primary that gets any endorsements from such prominent Democrats. In a race between candidates that don’t have a statewide profile, having any kind of base of support will help. That’s a bigger deal now, because via Juanita I see that perennial LaRouchite nutball Kesha Rogers has filed for the Senate as well. Rogers was a bad enough joke as a two-time nominee for CD22. At least there, she was in a deep red Congressional race that no one paid any attention to. If she somehow manages to get nominated for the Senate, that would be a catastrophe. In my earlier post about Lloyd Oliver rearing his head again, I said that “no good Democrat wants him on the ballot”. That goes a billion times for Kesha Rogers. Someone asked me in the comments what I meant by “a good Democrat”. Well, for starters, a good Democrat wants to nominate good candidates, and does not want to vote for someone that would be actively toxic to other Democrats on the ballot and who would be an even bigger disaster if they somehow managed to get elected. This isn’t a particularly high bar to clear here. And as with Lloyd Oliver and Kim Ogg, that means Democratic elected officials and other candidates can’t afford to stay on the sidelines. No one has to endorse Maxey Scherr, or any other specific candidate, but for goodness’ sake please do your part to make sure people know that there’s a bad choice on the ballot that they need to avoid. No excuses, no pleading ignorance, no avoiding the responsibility. Start now and avoid the rush. And be sure to keep an eye out for Maxey Scherr as she makes her way around the state with the Cruzmobile.

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3 Responses to Maxey Scherr kicks off her campaign

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Increasing the minimum wage just caused inflation to spike. It also caused lots of bottom rung, minimum wage jobs to disappear. So those old folks eking out a living on Social Security? The can afford less cat food to eat because Maxey raised the minimum wage, and workers all along the food chain demanded raises to keep their place. Everybody spends more on everything they buy because of increased labor costs, leaving those SS dependent seniors to eat cat food.

    Maybe Maxey would like to explain to all those young high school and college kids why they can no longer get that first job, because companies chose to increase automation and decrease hiring entry level people….because she raised the minimum wage.

    I don’t agree with her premise that Cornyn is in bed with Cruz, either. I dislike Cornyn, for many reasons, and she has a few legitimate grievances with him. Wasting time taking pot shots at abortion and gay marriage is just taking the public’s mind off of more pressing issues, like a $ 17 T National Debt. Of course, I didn’t hear her campaign on refusing to vote for an unbalanced budget any more than I heard Cornyn campaign on that.

    As to ObamaCare, I predict it will be just like Houston’s red light cameras. As real people start feeling real economic pain from ObamaCare, those people are going to start voting against it, by way of voting against its backers in Congress. Free stuff is great as long as someone else is paying. Of course, Obama has unilaterally disregarded his own law to delay implementation of particularly painful parts of the law, but the day of reckoning will come, sooner or later, and there will be plenty of angry voters looking for some payback. That probably won’t happen by the coming election, though, so maybe Maxey has a shot at a win. She couldn’t be any worse than Cornyn.

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