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Last day of runoff early voting

From the inbox:

“Tuesday, December 10th is the last day of Early voting for the City of Houston and Houston Community College System Runoff Election,” noted Harris County Clerk and Chief Election Official, Stan Stanart today as he urged voters to take advantage of what remains of the early voting period. “Your vote could make the difference in electing one third of these two important governing bodies.”

“Voters should take advantage of Early Voting before preparations for the Christmas Holiday activities totally consumes their focus,” advised Stanart. “Keep in mind, Election Day for this runoff election takes place on Saturday, December 14th, eleven days before Christmas.”

All 22 Early Voting locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. See for locations.

Stanart reminded voters to bring Photo ID to the polls stating, “Texas law requires voters to present one of seven types of photo IDs when voting in-person in all elections. I urge voters to come prepared with one of the required photo IDs to the polls.”

The state approved photo IDs for voting include:

· Texas Driver’s License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

· Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS

· Texas Personal Identification Card issued by DPS

· Texas Concealed Handgun License issued by DPS

· United States Military Identification Card containing the person’s photograph

· United States Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph

· United States Passport

With the exception of the U.S. citizenship certificate and some military identifications, the ID must be current or have expired no more than 60 days before being presented at the polling place. For more information about the photo ID requirements visit

Stanart also reminded voters, “A voter must be registered to vote in the City of Houston or the Houston Community College district in order to participate in this Runoff Election.”

To obtain a list of Early Voting locations, Election Day Polling Locations or to view a voter specific sample ballot, voters can visit or call 713-755-6965 to find all of this information and more.

A total of 15,507 in person and absentee votes had been cast through yesterday. I’ll have a fuller report on that plus a refined guess on turnout later. In the meantime, go vote if you haven’t already done so, and remember to vote for Zeph Capo.

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One Comment

  1. laura says:

    I voted yesterday at West Gray MSC. No line, took longer to check in than to vote. Voted for Robinson and Capo. Left At Large 3 blank because I couldn’t never figure out the lesser of two evils and decided the undervote was ok in this case.