Final EV totals

Here’s the final Harris County EV tally for the 2013 runoff, and here’s how the numbers stack up against the four most recent citywide runoff elections that did not include a Mayoral race.

Year Absent Early E-Day Total Absent% Early% E-Day% ============================================================ 2005 5,350 8,722 24,215 38,287 13.97% 22.78% 62.25% 2007s 5,464 7,420 11,981 24,865 21.97% 29.84% 48.18% 2007 4,456 6,921 13,313 24,690 18.05% 28.03% 53.92% 2011 8,700 15,698 31,688 56,086 15.51% 27.99% 56.50% 2013 9,883 10,143

“2007s” refers to the At Large #3 special election, in which Melissa Noriega defeated Roy Morales. As a seat-of-my-pants, I-don’t-feel-like-thinking-about-it-too-much guess, I’ll venture that about 45% of the total vote has been cast so far. Projecting that out, and throwing in a thousand or two votes from Fort Bend County, and I’d peg the final total to be in the 45,000 to 50,000 range. Not too bad as this sort of thing goes, but hardly inspiring.

As for how the races are going, I feel about the same now as I did the day after the November results came in. I’d make David Robinson, Michael Kubosh, Helena Brown, and Dwight Boykins the favorites, with District I too close to call. I have no clue about the HCC races, which as always are about as visible as a star system from the Big Bang. Surprises do happen, of course, which is why we actually have the elections instead of just letting blowhards like me decide who’s winning. Go vote if you haven’t already – I’ll remind you again tomorrow – and we’ll see what the last Council of Mayor Parker’s tenure looks like.

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