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Saturday video break: After You’ve Gone

This song is almost 100 years old, and it qualifies as a standard. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, here’s the original version, by Marion Harris:

I’m impressed there’s still a recording around of that. The first place I encountered this song was in the movie “All That Jazz”, but unfortunately I can’t find a video of that version. So for something approximately as upbeat as that rendition but still old school, here’s Django Reinhardt:

The version I have, by my musical crush Elena James, is more or less a cover of Reinhardt and is unfortunately also not on Youtube. So let’s close with a more modern old school take on this classic, by Hugh Laurie. Yes, Dr. House:

One sure way to determine the value of a song is to see how many different ways it can be done well. I suspect I’ve just scratched the surface on this one.

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