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Weekend link dump for April 13

How to bake scientifically accurate cake planets. Because who wouldn’t want a Uranus cake for their birthday?

It’s hard out here on a pregnant TV star whose character isn’t pregnant.

All about Aereo in Houston.

If Alfred E. Neuman were a real person, you’d never be able to un-see his face.

It’s never too early to start learning how to be a hacker.

Bring PBR back to Milwaukee.

“Typography is not typically in the realm of transportation policy, and for a layman it’s a little hard to appreciate the subtle differences.”

RIP, Mickey Rooney. Here’s hoping he and Judy Garland are putting on a show in heaven.

From the Can’t We All Just Get Along? department.

David Ortiz may bring about the end of Presidential selfies.

I’m glad that Chili’s has come to its senses about what autism awareness groups to support. I just wish they’d done their homework ahead of time.

From the Don’t Know Much About Geography files.

Some bug fixes are more literal than others.

I’m down with blaming Camille Paglia regardless of the question.

On Archie Bunker, and what happens when an audience identifies with a character they’re supposed to revile.

It sure is good to be rich.

“The moral panic of the anti-D&D crusaders was sheer nonsense, but those fundie moral crusaders weren’t wrong to fear the threat that such games posed to their ideology. Fundamentalist ideology is a fragile thing, after all, so almost anything other than itself is correctly viewed as a subversive threat.”

Did you attend a Kings of Leon concert in Seattle on March 28? If so, you may have been exposed to the measles. Better check in with your doctor just to be safe.

I for one am very glad to hear that Captain Janeway is not a geocentrist.

“This is just one example of the price-fixing and taxpayer-gouging features built right into Medicare by a system that lets medical specialists figure out their own reimbursement rates behind closed doors and bars the government from negotiating on Rx drug prices.”

“If nothing else can be learned from this bizarre hunt, one thing has become clear: There’s a ton of trash in the Indian Ocean.”

Bad ways for Mad Men to end.

Jim DeMint is a truly awful person.

What you can do about the Heartbleed bug, including resources to check if websites you use were vulnerable to it. And if you don’t know what the Heartbleed bug is, XKCD explains it in a way that everyone can understand.

“I kissed her deep and hard, my tongue slapping her uvula back and forth like a speed bag. She tasted good: like sin, Altoids, and an oyster po’ boy. Maybe shrimp, I wasn’t sure. I was dizzy with lust.”

I’m old enough to remember when the movie Splash made “Madison” a hot name for girls, so the surge in babies named Khaleesi and Arya doesn’t surprise me at all.

Obstructing health care access is a life and death matter for a lot of people.

As the renowned philosopher Robin Williams once said, “When all else fails, go for the dick joke”.

Outstanding Buzzfeed story on Tom Lehrer. Read it even if you somehow don’t know who Tom Lehrer is. Via Mark Evanier, who has a video of what may be Lehrer’s last public performance in 1998.

The Todd Akin of 2014 is in Mississippi. Actually, he’s even worse, and what’s even worse than that is he’ll likely be elected.

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