Interview with David Alameel

David Alameel

David Alameel

As you may recall, I tried to interview Democratic Senate candidate David Alameel prior to the March primary. For one reason or another, the two of us were never quite able to connect up and make it happen. Well, he was in town recently and I got a call from a member of his campaign who asked if we could try again, and here’s the result of that. We’re in a restaurant, so please forgive the background noise, but I think it’s audible. Alameel, who ran for CD33 in 2012, was endorsed early on by both Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte, and collected most of the newspaper endorsements as well. A dentist and Army veteran, Alameel immigrated to the US from Lebanon at the age of 20, and currently lives in Dallas. He has faced some questions about past campaign contributions to Republicans, and association with anti-abortion organizations, so these were among the issues we discussed in the interview. He faces LaRouchie wingnut Kesha Rogers in the May 27 runoff. He has my vote in the runoff and I hope he’ll have yours. Here’s the interview:

Please note that I did this interview before the story about allegations of sexual harassment at one of Alameel’s clinics came out. I’d have asked him about that if I’d been aware of it at the time. I will pick up the interview series later in the year as we get closer to November. You can review all of my interviews for the primary on my 2014 Election page.

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