Interview with John Cook

John Cook

John Cook

The office of Land Commissioner is often overlooked, but it has a role to play in a whole lot of aspects of state government. From state parks to beaches to mineral rights, from the Alamo to veterans issues to the Permanent School Fund, there’s a whole lot the Land Commissioner does. Outgoing Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson was and is generally well regarded for his stewardship of the office. Aiming to succeed him is former El Paso Mayor John Cook. Cook, like Patterson a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, had a long career as a Manager of Network Operations with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company followed by time as a school teacher before being elected to El Paso’s City Council. As Mayor of El Paso, he helped pass a domestic partner benefits law, and survived a subsequent recall effort over it. He’s also an accomplished musician, officially making him the most well-rounded candidate on the ballot this year. Here’s what we talked about:

Barring anything unforeseen, this is my last candidate interview (though not my last interview; there will be one more next Monday) for the 2014 cycle. As noted before, the judicial Q&As will continue through the end of the week and possibly beyond, depending on whether I get more responses or not.

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  1. Jerry Patterson says:

    Charles, I don’t know about John, but I don’t consider myself a “decorated” veteran of Vietnam. Vietnam veteran yes, decorated no. Thanks JP

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